Projected Construction Timeline*

CC Communications is continually establishing estimated arrival times for additional neighborhoods as expansion continues. Precise endpoints of each street may vary depending upon the demand for services expressed by pre-registrations. If we get enough interest in a certain area, that opens up that area for our engineering department to look at. If you have any questions you can reach us at (775) 389-2013.

Elko Updates

CC Communications now passes several thousand locations in Elko with fiber. 

Spring Creek Updates

Plans for the housing section in Spring Creek remain in place. CC Communications will begin construction in SCA as soon we are given the go-ahead by State and Federal authorities. Elko County chose to partner with CC Communications on a successful grant application for portions of unincorporated Elko County. That grant triggered an obligation on CC Communications to perform an environmental and historical preservation study on impacted areas despite the fact that the areas have already been disturbed by various utility companies. CC Communications is required to receive approval of the report prior to completing the SCA project. While we do not control the pace at which State and Federal agencies reply, we are in continual contact with these agencies. CC Communications noted in the reports filed that our plans only disturb land that has recently been disturbed by other utilities, thus we are confident this will be resolved soon. Once the go-ahead has been provided by State and Federal agencies, CC Communications will commence construction. In the meantime, please visit for your no obligation pre-sign up. Installation is free, and signing up will provide you with the latest updates going forward. CC Communications uses local contractors, and our employees are on the same fiber broadband network as we will deliver to the Spring Creek Association members soon. 


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Progress to Date

Service available at the following locations:

  • 5th Street N to Copper Wood
  • 12th Street
  • 12th and Lamoille
  • Antimony Cir.
  • Antimony St.
  • Argent Ave.
  • Ash to Fir/6th to Highland/C Street
  • Ash to Maple Alley/6th to 8th
  • Barite St.
  • Bell Ave.
  • Bluffs Ave.
  • Braden Way
  • Bramble Court
  • Brent Drive*
  • Brent Lane
  • Brookwood Dr.
  • Callie Ct.
  • Carlson Ave.
  • Castlewood Drive
  • Cedar to Fir Alley/6th to 8th
  • Cedar to Oak/ 6th to D & E Street, N. Cedar
  • Cherrywood
  • Chris/Cottonwood from 5th to La Nae
  • Chukar
  • Clarkson*
  • Colonial Cir.
  • Colonial Dr.
  • Columbine
  • Copper St.
  • Court St to College Ave / 9th to 11th
  • Court St to College Ave /11th to 12th
  • Court St to College Ave /12th to 13th Court St to College Ave /13th to 14th
  • Courtney Dr.
  • Daisy
  • Deerfield
  • Dogwood Court
  • Dove Creek Court
  • Dove Creek Drive
  • Dove Creek Place
  • Dux Ave.
  • Eagle Ridge Loop
  • Edgewater Court
  • Edgewater Drive
  • Enfield Ave. (between Poplar and Cottonwood)
  • Enfield Ave. (between Poplar and Forest)
  • Enfield Ave. north of Brookwood Dr.
  • Fir to Ash Alley/6th to 8th
  • Fir to Cedar/ 6th to Highland/C Street
  • Forest Ct.
  • Forest Ln.
  • Freeport Ave.
  • Garrett Ct.
  • Glenmore
  • Hailey Ct.
  • Harvest
  • Hawthorne Dr.
  • Idaho Street
  • Idaho to Court/ 3rd to 12th
  • Juniper to Oak Alley/6th to 8th
  • Juniper/Pine/6th/9th
  • La Nae Dr.
  • Lanae Ct.
  • Larkspur
  • Last Chance Industrial Park (this includes Elko motors).
  • Liberty
  • Last Chance Industrial Park (this includes Elko motors).
  • Liberty
  • Maple to Ash/6th to Highland Street
  • Martin Avenue
  • McKall Cir.
  • Mountain City HWY
  • Oak to Cedar Alley/6th to 8th
  • Oakridge Dr.
  • Oakwood
  • Partridge
  • Pheasant
  • Pine/Court/6th/9th
  • Poplar Dr.
  • Primrose
  • Railroad
  • Ridgecrest Dr.
  • River Street
  • Rocky Road
  • Rodeo Ct.
  • Rolling Hills Dr.
  • Sierra Cir.
  • Sierra Dr.
  • Silver Street
  • Spring Valley Parkway*
  • Spring Valley Place
  • Stitzel
  • Stone Ridge Drive
  • Teal Way
  • Tyler Ct.
  • 3605 Valley Ridge Ave.
  • Valley Ridge Ave. north of Brookwood Dr.
  • Villa Drive
  • Virginia Way
  • Westcliff Drive
  • Wright Way

*Fiber not available at all addresses on these streets.

Recent Updates:

Live as of October 28th

  • Enfield Ave.
  • Rolling Hills Dr. (222, 226, 229, 230, 234, 303)
  • Valley Ridge
  • Timber Creek Ln.
  • Twin Peaks Ave.

Live as of November 4th

  • Desert Plains
  • Forest Ln.
  • Sandstone Ct.

Under Construction:

Go Live on December 12th

  • Ruby View Dr.
  • Sawyer Way
  • Russel Dr.
  • Griswold Dr.
  • Laxalt Way
  • Indian View Heights from Griswold to Ruby View only.

Go Live Date TBA

  • Sequoia Dr.
  • Ruby Vista Dr.
  • Masters Dr.
  • Woods Ct.
  • Palmers Ct.
  • Puccinelli Parkway
  • Khoury Ln.

* The projected construction timeline is based upon 3rd party representations and assumptions based thereon. The Final Construction timeline and scope are subject to the sole discretion of CC Communications. Nothing contained herein is a guarantee of timeline or scope.