Projected Construction Timeline*

Covid-19 has resulted in numerous supply chain disruptions.

For CC Communications, delays are affecting two primary segments of our network. The first is connecting to Internet backhaul. The second is connecting middle mile and distribution facilities to customer locations.  Although we were notified of delays several months ago, the continued nature of the pandemic has resulted in delays extending beyond original notifications.

Progress to Date

Silver Street: All services available now between Mtn City Hwy and 12th on Northside of street.

Idaho Street: All services available now between 4th and Main City Park on South of Street. Northside is being worked now.

Railroad: All services available now between 4th and Main City Park.

River Street: All services available now between 2nd and 4th streets.

Lamoille HWY: In progress.

12th Street: Drops to service locations in progress.

Mountain City HWY: Drops to service locations in progress.

SCA Tract 200: Conduit to Tract 400 is in. Groundbreaking in Tract 200 July 28, 2021.

SCA Tract 100, 200, 300: CC Communications will work the SCA until weather stops construction, and return to work in the SCA as soon as weather allows.  

Tract 200
Brent Drive*
Spring Valley Parkway*
*Fiber not available at all addresses on these streets.
Brent Lane, Spring Valley Place, Westcliff Drive, Edgewater Drive, Edgewater Court, Dove Creek Drive, Dove Creek Court, Dove Creek Place, and Martin Avenue
Service available at all streets

Stitzel, Partridge, Chukar, Pheasant, Deerfield, Bramble Court, and Dogwood Court
Service available at all streets

Oakwood, Liberty, Harvest, Glenmore, Columbine, and Cherrywood
Service available at all streets

Lower section
Services available

Services available

Services available

Clarkson*, Villa Dr, Castlewood Dr, Stone Ridge Dr
Services available
*Fiber not available at all addresses on Clarkson.

12th and Lamoille
1150 and 1250 Lamoille Business Parks
Services available

Last Chance Industrial Park (this includes Elko motors).
Live as of January 4th

Tree streets:

Live as of December 20th

Live as of January 10th

Court St to College Ave / 9th to 11th
Court St to College Ave /11th to 12th
Court St to College Ave /12th to 13th
Court St to College Ave /13th to 14th
Juniper to Oak Alley/6th to 8th (including apartments on SE corner of Juniper and 8th)
Live as of January 26th

Oak to Cedar Alley/6th to 8th
Cedar to Fir Alley/6th to 8th
Fir to Ash Alley/6th to 8th
Ash to Maple Alley/6th to 8th
Live as of February 3rd

Maple to Ash/6th to Highland Street
Live as of February 28th

Idaho to Court/ 3rd to 12th
Live as of March 21st

Ash to Fir/6th to Highland/C Street
Live as of April 4th

Fir to Cedar/ 6th to Highland/C Street
Live as of April 20th

Cedar to Oak/ 6th to D & E Street, N. Cedar
Live as of May 4th

5th Street N to Copper Wood
Live as of May 16th

Chris/Cottonwood from 5th to La Nae
Live as of June 6th

Under Construction

La Nae Dr.
Cortney Dr.
Bluffs Ave.

Hailey Ct.
Callie Ct.
Tyler Ct.
Eagle Ridge Loop
McKall Cir.
Lanae Ct.
Go Live on July 1st

Teal Way
Poplar Drive
Rodeo Ct.
Virginia Way
Go Live Date TBA

Ready for Service West Main
The Villas at Riverside
Summit Estates
Elko Vista Drive
Lori Lane
Kimberly Lane
Elko Summit Drive
Ellens Way
Murdock Way
Blue Summit Drive
Andy’s Way
Bramble Court
Dogwood court
Primrose Lane
Larkspur Street
Village Parkway
Villa Drive
Stoneridge Drive
Castlewood Drive
Brent Lane
Spring Valley Place
Westcliff Drive
Edgewater Drive
Edgewater Court
Dove Creek Drive
Dove Creek Court
Dove Creek Place
Martin Avenue

* The projected construction timeline is based upon 3rd party representations and assumptions based thereon. The Final Construction timeline and scope are subject to the sole discretion of CC Communications. Nothing contained herein is a guarantee of timeline or scope.